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    I can read downloaded Google Books with Play Books in my Android Tab, but I need to know the location of these downloads in the file system. The search by book title with the File Manager does not give any results. The Amazon Kindle Books don't show up by title either, but I was able to locate them as files with an alpha-numeric sequence with the .prc file type. I suppose the Google Books follow the same pattern and I think their file type is ACSM, but I cannot find any such files. They must be somewhere, though, because I can read the book! Where are they or under which file format should they be?
    The reason why I want to know the location of these Google downloads is that I want to move them to the Kindle Library and read them with the Kindle Reader app, which has a better interface. Of course this might require a conversion, but I think it is feasible.

    Can anybody help me to find these Google Books downloads in the file system?

    Thanks for your help

    07-30-2014 06:02 PM

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