1. Albrecht UhrArt's Avatar
    Hello I'm the developer of WearFaces and I want to introduce my app here and give a place to discuss:

    WearFaces is a free App for all Android Wear devices. It brings you ready made quality design watchfaces, but more important:
    It allows you to easily create own custom wearfaces for your own device. Simply choose some picture and you are good to go.

    WearFaces - Play Store Link

    On the official wearfaces.com page you also can download a lot of user created watch face packs.

    HOW-TO: Create your own watchface design:

    1. Design your own watchface by creating four pictures for the dial, hourhand, minutehand and the secondshand. (best 320x320px and .png format) Look on wearfaces.com to find template file. (Good Imageeditor on Android Pixlr)
    2. Save your own custom watch face files into the Pictures folder.
    3. Make sure that the Wear device and the phone/tablet are paired (see Android Wear App).
    4. Start the WearFaces App, click on "Create custom WearFace" and choose the different files.
    5. On the Wear device choose the "Custom WearFace".
    6. In the app on the phone click Send to Wear".
    7. Wait until the watch appears and be happy about your own clock face.

    In this thread you can discuss and show your creations.

    If you want to get featured on wearfaces.com/feature, just send an email with your design files, credit information feature@uhrart.com

    Have fun and kind regards
    07-31-2014 07:04 AM
  2. Albrecht UhrArt's Avatar
    One month later WearFaces has evolved:

    New features:

    * download/import watchface packs from other users (check wearfaces site)
    * edit the dimmed state of the clock
    * data transfer debuuged
    * german translation added (more will follow)
    * fixed a lot of bugs
    09-01-2014 11:00 AM
  3. aceface5's Avatar
    How do I remove one of the Wearfaces once it's already on the watch?
    09-16-2014 02:43 PM

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