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    I have a smartphone with a 5mpx camera so it captures pictures with a resolution of 2560*1920, but on panorama mode each piece of picture have a resolution of 640*480, poor when zooming the picture.

    I tried a lots of applications but the same conclusion, except ProCapture - camera + panorama which delivers a better quality on panorama mode, but it's still below my expectations, and the quality of the panorama is below the quality of normal photos

    example, I took two pictures with camera pro, one with normal mode and the other with the panorama mode, the normal photo has a resolution of 2560*1920 and 4594*789 for panorama photo, logically panorama photo is composed of 4 photos than it should have a resolution of 2560x4 = 10240
    either 10240*1920

    do you know a camera application that delivers panoramic photos without losing quality?
    07-31-2014 02:34 PM

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