1. fadetoblack2104's Avatar
    So I'm using WidgetLocker for my lock screen and am having a small problem. Every time I use the phone, when I hang up the damn lock screen shows. Its annoying. Does anyone else using this app have this problem?
    10-30-2010 03:26 PM
  2. Dural's Avatar
    Yes, and its not a "problem" I think its integral to the system. Great suggestion for a future update though.
    10-30-2010 03:29 PM
  3. digitalslacker's Avatar
    Hmm I guess it does. I never noticed that before.

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    10-30-2010 03:43 PM
  4. fadetoblack2104's Avatar
    Glad its not a problem! Hopefully they take care of that in a future update though!
    10-30-2010 03:56 PM