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    Check out the newest sensation on the App-Store !
    The WhatsApp Spammer will drive your friends to insanity.

    -> At first you NEED a ROOTED DEVICE <-

    Then simply :
    • Choose your contact or group to bomb !
    • Create your selfmade message.
    • Choose the ammount of messages you want to fire out.
    • Click the "Start Spam"-Button to let the fun begin !

    With this brand new app it is possible to spam messages with WhatsApp at a speed that no one ever could think of.

    [+] Send up to 1000 messages in 1 second. (100 in Free version)
    [+] Infinite message chars (Limited to 30 chars in Free Version)
    [+] Infinite bombs to your friends or groups !
    [+] Fully automatic, smart overlay and no need to do anything.

    See the magic happen. WhatsApp Spammer.

    WhatsApp™ is a registerd Trademark of WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Spammer is unaffiliated with WhatsApp inc.

    WhatsApp Spammer on Google Play

    Also Check out WhatsApp Spammer PRO including hot Features and much more in future Updates:

    WhatsApp Spammer PRO on Google Play

    08-08-2014 07:29 AM
  2. lolwurst's Avatar
    if the APP crashes for you , simply install BUSYBOX !
    08-10-2014 04:46 PM

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