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    I've always been a Vlingo fan, dating back to my BB days. But I was excited to get an EVO so I could test drive Google's new voice search. I love that here in Oklahoma City I can tell my phone to call the Norske Nook Restaurant in Osseo Wisconsin using Google search and it will nail it every time. That's not an easy name to pronounce, either. But ask Google to dial [I]any[I] number in my contacts list, and it's absolute mayhem. My first name is David. When I ask it to call or text myself at a different number, it will select any other David in my address book, but not me. And I have an easy last name. Ask it to call Bobby Moss at work from my address book, and it will try to do a web search for the string "call Bobby Moss at work." That's an easy name, too.

    Vlingo, on the other hand, will get the numbers right in my address book consistently. But ask it to call the Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin, and you'll die of old age before it will understand what you are saying.

    I'm a minimalist. Don't really want to use two different programs, one for contacts and the other for everything else. What am I not doing right?
    10-31-2010 01:17 PM