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    For anyone who hasn't seen or tried this app, check it out. It is like a launcher window that you can call up from within any app or screen on your android without leaving the current app, kind of like a second home screen (supports widgets too!). All you have to do to pull up the QuickDesk is double-tap your home button and it slides into view (nice animations) and you can also customize the color/alpha of the background. Your home button can and will be preserved for your favorite/original launcher (HTC Sense, etc) and will still behave as normal with a single tap of your home key. I think it is really nicely done.

    I have set this up so QuickDesk contains a few of my most used apps like GMail, Handcent, Dolphin, GTasks, Audio Manager etc so I can quickly pull this up over TOP of any app/screen that I am in without leaving the app. I also have my SwitchPro widget on my quickdesk screen so I can quickly turn on/off any radio or make other changes quickly without leaving the current app.

    I have used previous versions and have always been pretty happy with the free version. There is a pro (paid) version available now and I just bought it yesterday. There is now a "quick panel" that you can slide up that shows your most recent running apps, and can optionally show a little indicator in the corner of the icon to tell you if the app is running in the background or not, and gives you the ability to kill or force close it (great for those times when an app hangs up on you or gives you trouble, I am against using task killers).

    The app is still in beta, but runs really well on my Evo. You can find both the paid and free versions in the market, just search quickdesk. (Free version is very good, try it out first).
    11-01-2010 08:37 AM