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    Hello, I´m deaf oralist. is a pleasure to write you something. I wonder if you know someone who can make an application for hearing impaired and deaf oralist. I give you the link of a video of the app I did. is that you see it.

    In a phone conversation like any normal people (not in the same room, if not long distance, please), but WITHOUT pressing the pause button.

    Jorge (I´m deaf oralist that I can to talk) <--------> XXX (You and you´re listener)

    Jorge speak "hello" with the voice on the phone ----------> XXX hears the voice of Jorge "hello" without translated because Jorge has voice and XXX understand well.

    XXX responds by talking "how are you?" with his voice ----------> MICROSOFT or ANDROID translates and say with text "how are you?" to Jorge on the phone.

    I hope receive your news. Thank you.
    08-20-2014 10:32 PM

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