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    Everyone can find a good use for taking notes. Whether it’s your grocery list, or novel ideas, or a list of songs to buy, or anything else that you can think of, people as a whole all have reasons to take a note. It`s common task for office girl to keep work from chaoes and to enjoy life while working! As always, if you’d rather use paper notebook, we respect your chose!


    First on list of note taking apps is called ColorNote. This is a solid app that has pretty much all of the features you could need in a note taking app. You can take regular text notes or list notes as you may require. They can be organized by color so if you want all your business notes to be red and all personal to be blue, you can do that. The app even has functionality to search via color so if you want to see all your red notes, you can. People seem to really like it and that’s why it’s here. To check it out, use the button below.

    Google Keep

    Google Keep is an app for creating reminders and lists. Similar to Evernote, Keep is Google’s first app that helps Android users in taking notes. Users can type out notes, and share photos in the app, and you can even record voice notes. Keep will transcribe voice notes into text, which is a pretty neat feature. If you take a photo, you can edit using built-in camera features like cropping, color balancing, photo filters and borders. For those wondering, Keep is integrated with Google Drive.

    Any.do Task List & To-do List
    Any.do is a beautifully designed to-do list developed by Any.do. Simply tap on the microphone icon and you can say what you need to do for the day. Any.do will instantly convert your words into text. Swipe with your finger or shake your device to remove a completed task. Make phone calls, send text messages, and schedule meetings directly from the app. You can customize folders so you can stay organized.

    Weekly Grid

    No need of date / time setting, just drag and drop tags on calendar.. Not only text as content of your event, you can use photo, voice and symbols. No complicate operations, do all in the same page. Easy calendar make life easy. Weekly Grid allows you to track your daily activities in weekly perspectives. You can use this app for multiple purpose like task management, daily routine checking, shopping list and etc.

    With 50 million users, Evernote is the best note taking app. The app has everything you need like being able to organize information from notebooks and sharing them with others. Android users can also use an automated transcription service that will turn speech into text. Evernote’s free service offers 60MB per month, if you’re looking for more storage space, a premium version with 16GB for uploads will cost you $45 annually.
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