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    With this app, you will not get lost in a strange city.
    This program records your route traffic and imposes it on the satellite map.
    - The route is recorded even when the internet is disabled.
    - The route continues to be recorded when the phone is locked.
    - To start recording, press the Rec (1) and enter the name of the route.
    - To stop the recording, press Stop (2).
    - In order to open a previously saved routes, click Open (3) and select the desired route from the list.
    - Button GPS (4) opens a menu to enable / disable the GPS on your phone. If you do not have a GPS receiver, you can use the definition of the location of the mobile networks and access points Wi-Fi (the accuracy is lower).
    - Button Wi-Fi (5) turns on / off Wi-Fi.
    - Button Marker (6) sets the marker on the map.

    Google Play id:

    [TOOLS] Maps Recorder-scr1.jpg[TOOLS] Maps Recorder-scr2.jpg
    09-02-2014 03:23 AM

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