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    Just a few days ago, there was released an upgraded version of "iFMW- contents sharing tool" at Android Market.
    Interesting thing of iFMW v1.0 is that it supports to have builtin web site on the phone.
    Once customer installs iFMW v1.0 on the phone, he is not only able to share contents with friends , but also have his own website.
    The specific URL of installed website is http://[youruserid].ifmw.mobi.
    The web server is not for the specialist anymore. Everybody has a web server, do a business and enjoy his own SNS life.
    The iFMW v1.0 supports to run website developed by PHP script.
    At first time to install iFMW v1.0, there is a default web site provided.

    Here is a screen shot of iFMW v1.0

    The iFMW app is and contents sharing tool with builtin mobile web server of smartphone. From this advantage, this small application is interested.
    There is no need to upload anything to outer server for sharing and it also provides to have php-website on the phone.

    It's free application. Try it!
    11-08-2010 02:03 AM