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    MobileNoter for Android and new UI

    Something that I have stumbled across and installed on my ipod touch and Motion Computing LE1700 (tablet pc). MobileNoter syncs your notebooks in Onenote with the cloud and makes all of your notes accessible from your phone, as well as gives you the ability to create and edit notes. I use Onenote for ALL of my note taking on my tablet, and love it. I have recently been sampling Evernote on my Evo and on my tablet pc, but I just love OneNote, especially since I use a stylus for taking notes on my tablet, Onenote is just so much smoother.

    The above link is a blog post from MobileNoter that says an Android app is in the works (for the past couple of months). I can't wait, this will instantly become my favorite app.

    11-09-2010 10:49 PM