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    "Just you wait, dragonflies! We will chase and catch all." The exciting description on Google Play will certainly make players curious about new game: Matrix Frogs.

    Developed by IAMStudio, Matrix Frogs is a simple gameplay with a matrix of frogs. The objective of the game is to direct the frogs to catch all dragonflies. The rule is quite easy to understand: Tap the frog to loll its tongue out. When a frog's tongue hits another, that frog will turn 180 degrees and loll its tongue out. The process goes on until the last frog tongue catchs the dragonfly or not touches any other frog.

    [GAME][FREE] Matrix Frogs - Let's chase the dragonflies!-3_zpsadaad9b0.png

    Matrix Frogs includes 3 seasons, each season has 12 levels. New gamers will be awkward in the matrix frogs, and gamers have to spend time to understand the rule of the frogs. Once knowing how they move, gamers will be able to consider the specific moves to catch dragonflies. However, the difficulty of the game is in the limitation of time and number of clicks. Just tapping the wrong frog, the target can not be completed. Or, despite catching the last dragonfly, the frog could not put it in his mouth, the clock points to 0, and game over!

    The variety of levels, tactical thinking in each click, a race against time to catch all dragonflies ... will absorb gamers completely till the last level. More new seasons with attractive features are also planned in the next version.

    IAMStudio is a group of young and dyanmic students in Vietnam, who own ambition to develop mobile programming. IAMStudio expect that Matrix Frogs will reap success and become one of the best games on Google Play in the near future. Any comments please send to the authors: iam.iamme.studio@gmail.com

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...io.matrixfrogs

    [GAME][FREE] Matrix Frogs - Let's chase the dragonflies!-qr100_zps41546c09.png
    09-21-2014 09:37 PM
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    Thanks for the link!
    09-21-2014 10:25 PM

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