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    I use App Protector, it suites my needs very well. My problem is, I work from home and I don't need any type of lock until I leave home. I normally only leave twice a week. Why should I have to do all this unlocking 5 days a week when I only need it 2 days a week.

    Is there an app that watches a predetermined location on gps (my house) and when I go to leave that location it notifies me to do xx. In my case, to turn on App Protector.
    11-12-2010 10:07 AM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    There are a variety of apps that will just turn it on for you. Look at Setting Profiles or Tasker.
    11-12-2010 11:47 AM
  3. Gekko's Avatar
    use Tasker or Locale to automatically turn on/off your favorite lock app based on GPS. it may take a lot of work to set it up so i'm not sure it's really worth the time and expense given the ease and simplicity of turning off/on the standard Android pattern lock. i prefer to keep everything as simple as possible as opposed to layering app after app of redundant extraneous self-activating autonomous battery eating applications on my device. ask yourself - what's the worst that can happen and how much and what do i really need to lock down?

    all of my sensitive data is stored in an MS Word 2007 strong encrypted and password protected file that i open with Documents To Go 3.0 and save in my personal Dropbox folder. so if someone gets my phone and gets past my pattern lock - they can't do much - especially after i immediately change my Google password and Dropbox password.
    11-12-2010 12:39 PM
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    @evilmonkey, thanks for the suggestions, I'm looking at those apps.

    @gekko, the only data that I think I really need to protect are my email passwords. So I suppose you do have a valid point. I could quickly change my passwords in the event of a loss or theft.

    But it is fun checking out and playing with new apps!
    11-12-2010 12:53 PM
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    I have switchpro widget. And it allows me to put a lock button and a lock pattern button in a little "power control" like widget.

    So I have it on the screen to the right of my homescreen. With one click I can make it so it locks.

    That's probably your best bet as most of the time, things that involve GPS related tasks are usually unreliable and a pain to setup as stated above. But if you don't believe me when I tell you this is easy, locale is probably a better app for GPS relates task and tasker would be better for timing when you want the lock pattern on. Example you can set up a lock on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-12. This should be doable, can someone else confirm?
    I'd check but I had a trial and it's over

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    11-12-2010 12:59 PM
  6. takeshi's Avatar
    GPS generally isn't the best approach. One, it's unreliable indoors or anywhere where you can't get a fix. Two, frequent polling of the GPS receiver will kill your battery.

    Tasker can definitely do this but I recommend reading the "Location without tears" article on the Tasker site. GPS isn't the only option for determining your location.
    11-12-2010 04:52 PM