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    Hi everyone!

    We have recently made an app called Game Digger which is a place for people to suggest games to each other. One of the problem of us gamers on android is that we know the top games on google play by heart and need new good games. We all know there are lots of them in googleplay but are not shown necessarily on the top ones. So in Game Digger you can find these games. A lot of people tried our app and gave lots of feedback and stars! (a Big thank you to them!) With the feedback we got, we have updated the app and now we have different lists in the application (along with lots of more new features like filter based on price:free,IAP,paid as well as category).

    Currently there are two lists of "Hidden Games" and "Honest Games". If you have any suggestions for other lists, please comment it here with the criteria you think about and we will put the awesome ones in the app.

    currently The rules for hidden games are: 1) Must have less than 50K downloads 2) Must be older than 2 months

    We have not decided for honest games criteria yet, so it would be nice if you could suggest rules for it too.

    Any suggestion and help is very appreciated.

    Thanks a lot for all your feedback and support!

    [Edit:] Apparently it takes a few hours for googleplay to show the new screenshots as well as the new application, so if you saw the same thing just retry it a little later.
    09-23-2014 02:51 PM

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