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    I've recently made the switch from an iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy s5. I love the phone, but I've also ran into a problem. So here I am to pick the brains of all you knowledgeable people.

    I use Facebook messenger on a regular basis to keep in contact with friends and family. We often trade pictures and I do save some of them that are sent to me. However, when I press the save image button in the chat, it doesn't save it anywhere in my gallery. Where are they going and how do I get them? Also, I have no option to save previously shared photos when I open the list of them.

    I talked to my friend who has the same phone and he has an album that contains the messenger pictures and even updates when he's sent new ones. I asked him how he set it up and he said it did automatically. My instagram app did this for me and keeps a folder of ones I post, so I'm thinking it's possible for Facebook messenger to do the same.

    Any help would be appreciated on this, as I've found nothing online to remedy the problem. Thanks so much in advance.

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    09-28-2014 10:24 PM

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