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    I'm having a problem where my Roku box doesn't always show up in the Allcast app. I always have to unplug the roku box and then plug it back up for the AllCast App to be able to see the Roku Box. I can stream video to the box within the fist five minutes the box is on, and the video plays completely. If i wait after five minutes to play a video it the AllCast App cant find the box. The video plays completely even though after the 5 minutes, and the Roku box doesn't show up in the app. But if I want to change the Video I have to power cycle the Roku Box
    This is strange because i have the official Roku app and it can find the bix. I am able to stream music and photos within the app no matter when I use the app
    It is annoying to have to unplug my box because I have a dual band router which was way better than the router I had before. The router I had before was a basic Cisco lynksis router and I had very few problems.
    But with this new router I am having so many problems with this new Router.
    There are different networks that the router gives off. I have been using my main network which is 2Ghz because the Roku Box doesn't support 5Ghz.
    I want my to be able to use the AllCast app whenever I want to without power cycling the box. Does anyone have a solution to this?
    I have updated the Router firmware and made sure the Roku box and AllCast app were up to date. If you need more information, please ask

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    10-03-2014 11:54 AM

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