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    Displays email notifications stacked within a single notification on an Android Wear smartwatch

    The notifications contain commands such as 'Quick Reply, 'Delete Email', and 'Archive' that are designed to facilitate ultra-quick processing of email.

    The app works with nearly all email accounts by supporting the following protocols: IMAP, IMAP-IDLE (Push Mail), POP3 & Exchange via EWS or IMAP.

    WearMail on GooglePlay

     • Displays sender name, subject & full email on your smartwatch
     • Stacks all incoming emails into a single notification to avoid the endless scrolling caused by individual notifications
     • Allows you to choose your own watch commands including 'Mark as Read' & 'Delete Email' not provided in the standard GMail solution. You can also add or subtract smartwatch commands as you like.
     • Faster delivery than the default GMail implementation since IMAP-IDLE / PUSH-MAIL is used
     • More advanced preset reply support than the standard GMail solution [Ability to reply with a full length email for example]
     • In a nutshell, the app provides GMail like Android Wear notifications for all types of email, but also improves on several aspects of the GMail implementation

    Good to Know:
     • This app will work seamlessly alongside your existing email app
     • There are no dependencies on K9, Gmail APIs or anything else
     • All syncing with your email server is done securely and directly from the android phone itself. [Beware other apps in this category store your data including your username and password in the cloud]

     • Open: Opens the email app inbox
     • Close: Closes the email popup
     • Reply: Reply from within the email app
     • Delete: Deletes the notification
     • Delete Message: Deletes the email message from the remote server
     • Mark as Read: Marks the message as read on the remote server
     • Mark as High Pri: Marks the message as high priority on the remote server
     • Archive Moves the message to the designated folder
     • Quick Reply: Reply from the smartwatch

    Quick Reply Options:
     • Speak into the watch to reply to an email
     • Choose preset message from a list

    Gmail cannot login:
    Create a WearMail specific password or turn off 2 step verification in your GMail settings:

    Questions & Improvements please contact: support@maxlabmobile.com

    [IMG="http://maxlabmobille.com/wearmail/screenshots/1.png"]http://maxlabmobille.com/wearmail/screenshots/1.png[/IMG[APP][FREE][ANDROID WEAR]: Wear Mail for Android Wear-1.jpg]

    [APP][FREE][ANDROID WEAR]: Wear Mail for Android Wear-5.png
    10-10-2014 01:58 PM

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