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    I am new to android, purchased my EVO a few months back, coming from WebOS. I like the OS and the EVO, however there are somethings that need to change on API access level. There are so many times when I am playing music or doing something, and I am just going through my phone and I open an App, and both the music and the App music play.

    Most recently I was playing music, and I just launched Tango to update my contacts, and mistakenly placed a call, whereby my phone's speaker turned on with the music I was playing and the ringing of Tango. I was so jolted that I just took out the battery as fast as I could.

    I don't know why Android doesn't deal with this better? For instance if I am playing music on the stock music player and turn on Pandora, the music player will stop. But if I am playing music from the stock player and launch another music player or play NPR or XYZ app, the two apps play at the same time, and I have to go back and shut of the other app.

    I know it isn't a big deal, just seems like a quick and easy thing to fix. I know WebOS is different OS, but I never experienced any sort of issue with apps using the Sound API at the same time.

    Hopefully 2.3 deals with this better.
    11-18-2010 06:02 AM