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    Hi all you clipboard frustrated android users. As some of you know,clipboard is hidden untill you long press on a section of text or other item. Then you can move the fingers to highlight what you want to transfer,or tap the block with four squares to highlight the whole page,once done with selection,tap the clipboard icon to copy it. Now say you want to paste it in an email or sms message, when ready to paste just long press an open spot on the message,and an icon of the clipboard appears like majic ,just touch that and Shazam! The text reappears from where you copied it. The problem is,that the next time you want to copy and paste,you overwrite what was on clipboard previously. All gone. No record to lookup and find again. I like many before have searched high and low ,only to be completely frustrated.

    The solution folks,is an app to MANAGE your clipboard! Now,there are quite a few that do this,BUT,I wanted one that saved everything I ever chose to move. Text,links,address',and lots more. The first couple I saw in playstore,were being sold for a resonable price,but I wanted a free one with NO ADS!
    Does that make me a bad person? Well that depends. Read on.

    I searched throughout the entire listing in playstore,and thoroughly reviewed more than twenty apps. I read thousands of reviews, and visited each website of the authors,as well as Google searchs for more information. I made lists of pros and cons. And way down near the bottom,I found "CLIPBOARDR" only 500 downloads,501 with mine, so I took it out for a spin,and it was great! Finally,a clipboard manager that did it all. As soon as you copy something,it is automatically saved to CLIPBOARDR's history page. It has an edit function, and you can separate links,or address' and other categories. There is a share function too. But that was'nt all,no sir,madam,I found another app close by,"Speach to Clipboard" so now I can dictate letters,sms,comments to blogs,etc. and it is saved to Clipboard automatically,where I can edit,copy,paste and send.

    So,if you want to help out some new, struggling app developer's, go and download these two great apps today. You won't be sorry.

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    10-14-2014 08:42 PM
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    Thank you, I'll check it out (I don't understand why the undercover marketing, though).
    10-21-2014 01:58 PM

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