1. GelvenGuiltySpark's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy S4, I'm using the default e-mail app. It's linked to my hotmail account. I haven't had this problem until about 5 days ago.

    I am now getting notifications whenever I receive junk mail.

    I don't think it's related to any apps I have downloaded because the most recent app I downloaded was sometime before October 1st and was from my school's career fair.

    It happened since I checked my junk mail folder. I don't normally do this but now I'm getting notifications whenever there's a junk email and it's really bothersome. It seems the email app assumes since I checked the folder once that I want to know more about it.

    I checked the settings in the app but couldn't see anything relevant. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

    Thank you for the advice, I'll probably do that then because it's gotten very annoying this week. I appreciate it!
    10-16-2014 07:33 PM
  2. Indie Fun's Avatar
    A friend got this problem some time ago and the only way to solve it was to delete the account from the app and then add it again... and never look in the junk folder again :P
    Hope this helps.
    10-18-2014 08:56 PM
  3. faso21's Avatar
    Same problem here Galaxy S5, came out of nowhere...Wow... this was an aggravating problem- but I finally figured it out after a week of 45 junk mail notices a day!
    Go into email and tap on the option menu (top left hand corner, not the settings menu) that shows you the various email accounts you have set up. At the bottom there is a tab that says "Manage Accounts" once you select that button it will then let you select which email account you are having the issue with. Select the account, then select "More Settings" (of course this is buried) then chose "Folder sync settings" then chose the (junk or whichever folder you want or don't want notifications from) folder and then change "Sync & Peak Schedule to MANUAL! BAM DONE SON!
    01-20-2015 11:06 PM

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