1. boomba212's Avatar
    Hi all!

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to turn off the auto- mark as read feature in Maildroid. Actually I guess it's not really a feature, since it's the default, but I'm wondering if there is a feature to turn that off so that emails will stay marked as unread even after I open them, and until I manually mark them as read.

    Thanks so much!
    10-26-2014 08:47 PM
  2. maildroiddev's Avatar
    We don't support that idea, but we can of course add it as an option for the todo list.
    10-26-2014 09:10 PM
  3. kdmond's Avatar
    Would love that feature. It's just what I've been looking for.

    10-22-2015 11:54 AM

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