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    I've only recently updated from my 8 year old Motorola iDen to HTC incredible. Until now, I have been using a flash drive as a pseudo laptop. :rolleyes:
    The most useful and functional PIM I could find for U3 drives was Essential PIM. EssentialPIM - Get Your Personal Information Managed! They have been very diligent in improving their product and it has worked fantastic, especially the "linking" feature. Plus, the calendar allows for week numbers based on ISO standards!
    Unfortunately, they don't seem interested in an android app as they claim that being able to synch with Google calendar is enough.
    Have a look at the free download version. Until I find an app that replaces EPIM, I'll still use the flash drive, or try it on an SD micro.
    Judging by the comments of previous posters, I think you must be very appreciated!
    11-22-2010 07:17 PM