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    Okay, looking for a hive-mind answer. I'm getting a little tired of installing apps one by one to find the best solution...

    My wife would like to use an an app that will allow our android tablet to play music that's stored on my network drive.

    1) Obviously, must be able to access the music files stored on a network drive.
    2) Depending on the source I got the music from, the music is either in .mp3 or .flac. So - it needs to be able to play .flac files.
    3) Must support playing through a bluetooth connection to recievers throughout the house. (Yes, I know the limitations of bluetooth. I'm making it wife-friendly at the expense of audio quality.)

    Things we'd like:
    1) It's for my wife. I can do the initial setup so that the music player can find our music files - but after that, an easy-to-use interface is key.
    2) In the same vein as #1 - the files are set up by artist, then by album. A player that will let her "just find the album and press play" is much better than one that would force her to make a playlist.
    3) I'd prefer not to have to keep a computer on in order for the tablet to browse the networked files. So, solutions like Plex are low on my list.


    Thank you!
    11-07-2014 03:09 PM

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