1. ushkova's Avatar
    Have you already see new Android application for mobile telephones Blister?
    It is a very useful application. For example, I always forget to take vitamins in time. And I think a lot of you faced with this problem. This app reminds you to take vitamins and pills in time. In my opinion its an excellent idea!
    Blister has extremely easy-to-use interface. Comfortable and logical location of buttons and other elements of control enables to enter information about a course in simple way. It doesnt need to press great number of different buttons nervously. There is no unnecessary thing. All you need are: name and number of pills, days and time for taking it. In my opinion, its worth to add field for notes such as take this pill during a meal, take a lot of water with it, etc.

    In whole Blister impresses me favorable. Yes, there are some bugs, but they are miserable, and I hope developers to correct them.
    So, Id installed Blister on my phone and Im glad!
    12-23-2009 09:33 PM
  2. nonie3234's Avatar
    Might be handy when I go see a new doctor. They always ask me what medications I take, and what dosage, and I seem to always forget something.
    12-23-2009 11:20 PM