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    TV Addicts

    Do you follow several TV series at the same time and your never know in which episode you are in each one? Do you want to discover new TV series? Do you want to know what are watching other people with similar preferences at yours? Do you want to know most watched or most popular TV series?
    In that case TV Addicts is your application, with information over 2300 series and 95000 episodes.

    Applications Main screen offers access to different application functionalities:
    Search: A simple searcher, which helps you to find TV series.
    Favourites: In this option you can find all the series that you are currently following.
    Community: Under this epigraph you can see which series are watching other users, and theirs comments.
    Recommended: TV Addicts recommends to you TV series followed by other users with similar preferences at yours.
    Top rated: In this section you can find top rated TV series
    News: A complete list with most recently TV series added to our database.
    Most watched: This option shows a list with the most watched TV series

    We can access to search option pressing magnifying glass button in the application top right coner, or in our phone. This will show a search bar, where we must introduce a series title (or a fragment of it).

    Favourites screen shows TV series which we are currently following. Includes information about number of seasons, not watched episodes, production year and country, and the most important, which is the episode that we are currently watching.

    Pressing over any TV series in the list, we can mark an episode as watched, rate the series, add our comment, delete the series from favourites when we have seen all the episodes or we are not interested any more, or see the series record. We can recommend a series to a friend via SMS, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook (the last two options depends of the availability of a Facebook or Twitter client)

    Top rated, Most Watched and News screens share look and feel. All these screens show a list of series based on our choice.
    When you press over any series a set of options are offered: rate a series, add our comment, add series to our favourites list, recommend to a friend or see series record.

    In Community screen we can see which series have been added to others users favourites list, and their comments about different series and episodes.

    We can access to series record from different series list offered in the application. This screen shows series technical record, including information about production year, production country, actors
    Also we can rate the series or add a comment, see the comments of other users, and review the episode list.

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