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    "The Highway Code" is a set of mandatory rules, guide, advice and information for all road users in the United Kingdom. The Highway Code applies to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders and drivers. The Highway Code gives information of road signs, road markings, vehicle markings and road safety. Failure to comply with the mandatory rules is a criminal offence.
    "The Highway Code" is FREE APP providing detailed Section-wise and Chapter-wise information of The Highway Code of UK.

    Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...TheHighwayCode

    App Features-

    - Complete Highway Code in digital format. Doesn't require internet connection to read the code
    - View data section wise / Chapter wise (Data updated as of 6th November 2014 )
    - Advanced User friendly Search for any keyword within section/chapter
    - Ability to view Favourite sections
    - Ability to add notes to each section ( Users can now save notes, search notes, share notes with friends/colleagues ). In order to use this feature you need to Buy via Google Checkout.

    The Highway Code website : https://www.gov.uk/highway-code/contents

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    [FREE Mobile APP] The Highway Code-thc_i.png
    [FREE Mobile APP] The Highway Code-thc_ii.png
    [FREE Mobile APP] The Highway Code-thc_iii.png
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    Thanks for the link!
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