1. Sarah L H's Avatar
    11-13-2014 11:33 PM
  2. NNDStudio Dave's Avatar
    Hi Sarah

    I've also had a few problems with Tinder. It works but eventually gets to a point that it cannot see any of my Facebook pictures when I try to put up a new picture.
    - Have you tried downloading the new version?
    - Also have you tried just not using Tinder? Its nice and easy but there are many other ways to meet the guy of your dreams.
    Personally I've found Tinder girls to be a bit....well nonchalant.


    11-14-2014 12:02 AM
  3. Sarah L H's Avatar
    Hello there Dave,
    - I'm assuming the version I downloaded today is the newest version?
    - I'm not really looking to meet the guy of my dreams, just a silly college-age amusement amongst friends and roommates, but thanks for the recommendation nonetheless!
    11-14-2014 12:19 AM

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