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  1. Omnigaia's Avatar
    Hello friends,

    I've been teaching myself how to program in Java and working on this game for almost two months now. I have finally completed and released it into the wild yesterday.

    Please give it a try: bubble pop!
    [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-en_app_rgb_wo_60.png

    NEW (version 1.2.0)
    Time challenge mode, 'twenty one'. How fast can you pop 21 bubbles?

    How to play
    Pop the bubble on the screen before it shrinks to nothingness and a new one shows up somewhere random.

    As you pop more bubbles, the speed of the new bubbles will increase making it harder for you to get that next one.

    The smaller the bubble you pop, the faster the new one will move! And the bigger the bubble you pop, the faster the next one will shrink! Strike a balance to pop as many bubbles as you can to get a high score.

    Be careful how often you tap though because every miss will lower your score multiplier which goes up with every bubble pop and bubble collision with the screen!

    Log into Google Play Games to submit your score and compete with people around the world!

    NEW: pop twenty one! A time challenge mode, how fast can you POP twenty one bubbles?

    Log into Google Play Games to submit your score and compete with people around the world!

    Pop as many bubbles as you can! The quicker you pop them, the faster they shrink! And the smaller they are when popped, the faster they move! Find that balance!

    Want a high score? Be sure to raise your multiplier by continuously popping without missing! Each miss will reduce your multiplier! Keep that rhythm going and pop more bubbles than your friends!

    -No advertisements!
    -'twenty one', a time challenge mode!
    -Leaderboards for friendly competition!
    -Achievements for progression and to level up your profile!
    -Night mode for playing when the lights are off!
    -Randomized Material Design colors with each pop!
    -Custom recorded sound effects!
    -Bubble popping fun!
    Attached Thumbnails [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-16-59.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-59-01.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-19-21.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-17-43.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-21-00.jpg  

    [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-11-46.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-17-15.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-19-06.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-58-42.jpg   [Game][Free][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! - Best Game Ever!-screenshot_2014-11-20-23-20-26.jpg  

    11-17-2014 02:50 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link!
    11-17-2014 02:39 PM
  3. Omnigaia's Avatar
    Thanks for dropping by B.Diddy!

    To all:
    If any of you have tried this out, please give me some feedback! Anything from the game play to the visual style and whatnot. I'm looking for ways to improve it and I also want to develop a better sense of creating simple casual games like this one.

    I'm currently thinking to add a mode where a limited number of pops are allowed. So the player pops 10 (or more?) bubbles as fast as possible for time rankings or pops the bubbles in a way to maximize their multiplier for another type of score ranking. What do you think?
    Max Deshkevich and nona ahri like this.
    11-17-2014 11:12 PM
  4. Omnigaia's Avatar

    I've just uploaded version 1.2 to the play store.

    It introduces a new time challenge mode! Please try it out.

    I've also removed the advertisements as I don't care much for them.

    And once again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Anything from visuals to game play, how the scores are displayed, etc!
    11-21-2014 08:22 PM
  5. ncarrier's Avatar
    Your game is nice !

    Some comments, thrown as is (not sorted) :

    The 21 mode is a nice idea. But maybe you could tweak the difficulty a little. I know I ain't no pro gamer, but in 10~20 tries I haven't managed to finish even once...
    Concerning the high scores, maybe you could display them even if the player hasn't logged in google play games. Personally, I don't want games to mess with my google+ account or other personal information.
    The first bubble starts very small (on my nexus 4). It seems like it starts decreasing it's size, before the game is displayed. Maybe you could delay the start of the first shrinking or add a count down before the game really starts.
    When the users refuses to log in Google play games, an error message pops up, this is not useful.
    When a bubble is, say, a third of it's initial size, I never manage to pop them. Maybe adding a tolerance, like detection the touch in a slightly bigger circle, would make the game a little easier.
    More generally, it lacks some eye candy, or wow effect. For example, you could animate, even lightly, the popping of the bubbles. Something like drawing a growing disc, being more and more transparent would be sufficient.

    Some more positive things, the change of colour, when a touch is detected, is IMHO a nice idea. And the nicest thing is that I haven't had any crash or bug or even ANR so far.

    Good job !
    nona ahri likes this.
    12-03-2014 12:34 AM
  6. fefein's Avatar
    I like simple games like this ! thumbs up!!
    12-26-2014 09:59 AM
  7. Omnigaia's Avatar
    Hi Ncarrier! I should register this thread for emails! I totally didn't see this. Although I was travelling in Europe when you posted this, haha.

    I really appreciate your feedback! I will be sure to incorporate it into my future version of a 'bubble pop' style game (I have a new idea for a game that is very similar to this one).

    Anyhow, I have actually just released a new game! Please check it out!
    And here is a youtube video of the gameplay:
    12-26-2014 08:11 PM
  8. Omnigaia's Avatar
    Thanks fefein! I'm glad that even a month after my app was uploaded, there is still some visibility on it.

    Please be sure to check out my new game that I've been working on since I released and updated bubble pop!
    You can find a link in the previous post!
    12-26-2014 08:13 PM
  9. inshi's Avatar
    Nice game Liked it
    01-20-2015 03:29 AM
  10. ngkthea's Avatar
    Thumbs up. It has a really cute minimalist design and great choice of colours.
    02-25-2015 12:14 PM
  11. darkshadowz9858's Avatar
    the simplicity makes this game awesome!
    05-16-2015 11:40 PM

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