1. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Seeing any bugs? Loving the new features? Post 'em here!

    Update: Blog post
    11-30-2010 06:23 PM
  2. cmdoptesc47's Avatar
    The doubletwist program on my computer cant find my device. Ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and force closing the app on my phone and relaunching, rebooting both the phone and the computer. Anyone else?

    HTC Incredible 2.2
    Macbook Pro 10.6.5
    11-30-2010 09:31 PM
  3. WarER4X's Avatar
    FYI, for anyone who can't get doubleTwist on their computer to find their device when attempting to sync for the first time. Assuming you have the proper access, go into your router settings and disable anything that says "block multicast" or "filter multicast" or something to that affect. In some cases, your router might have the option to turn multicast on/off. Whatever the configuration, you want multicast to be unrestricted.

    Once you've done that, see if doubleTwist will sync with your phone.

    I found the solution in a thread on the doubleTwist forum (they are attempting to troubleshoot the issue with several users posting the same problem over there). Disabling the "filter multicast" worked like a charm for me.

    Now, all is well!

    Hope this helps.


    PS: I wonder if this is the same reason I couldn't get Winamp to find my device either. Hmmmm...
    11-30-2010 10:30 PM
  4. BroncoTed's Avatar
    No problems here between an Evo and Macbook Pro 10.6.5. Very smooth, easy interface; looks just like iTunes. Currently I'm using the large widget in place of the stock HTC music widget.

    Also very noteworthy, is that the sync feature also works in reverse, meaning if you want to delete a song/item off of your phone, all you need to do is select and delete while still synced - Don't know if this is common knowledge already with the 'sync crowd,' but it was a pretty cool discovery for me.
    11-30-2010 11:05 PM
  5. HaDAk's Avatar
    I've got an Evo, a Win7 box, and my router's a pfSense box. Any suggestions on multicasting? To my knowledge, pfSense doesn't have any options for it.
    11-30-2010 11:16 PM
  6. coreymcl's Avatar
    Works great and very fast, however the desktop app still runs a bit slow at times. So far this is the best solution for syncing media to and from your Android. Although I would love to see Google address this so I don't need all the apps just handle purchasing music, playing music, syncing/playing podcasts and now the Airsync app.
    11-30-2010 11:41 PM
  7. albokay's Avatar
    I was able to get it to find my device but every wifi sync fails. Synced over wire and it said there was a problem and now im not able to access my music until I re sync. Always problems.
    11-30-2010 11:54 PM
  8. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    DT couldn't see my Nexus One. Saw the Droid X straightaway.
    12-01-2010 12:06 AM
  9. terryzx's Avatar
    Works for me mostly but very SLOW since I have 10k+ songs. I did notice that a few playlists that appeared just showed up empty while on iTunes all songs show. It would be nice to have a gauge that fills to shows the completion when you have to re-sync playlists. Considerably easier than used a wired connection though.
    12-01-2010 12:58 AM
  10. clafountaine's Avatar
    EVO with a Win7 Dell Laptop. All is running smooth and FAST!!! LOVE IT!
    12-01-2010 01:05 AM
  11. mr.seth.price's Avatar
    mine wouldn't say sync done ever...then I hit cancel sync and it said "sync done"....all my songs are there just kinda weird.
    12-01-2010 06:25 AM
  12. Aluminum's Avatar
    Do I no longer need to use Double Twist desktop now that I bought the update? So everything is through itunes now?
    12-01-2010 08:22 AM
  13. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Worked right away for me.

    Also worth noting is that DT has a Mac OSX client, which WinAmp does not.
    12-01-2010 08:46 AM
  14. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Do I no longer need to use Double Twist desktop now that I bought the update? So everything is through itunes now?
    No, the wifi syncing works between the phone and desktop clients. Hence the desktop application also requiring an update.
    12-01-2010 08:47 AM
  15. nedqadams's Avatar
    While I did get it to work...I think, as far as I can tell there is no support for pictures. I also have to keep DT running to make the sync work and the program is an incredible resource hog.

    I think tunesync does a better job (even though it has slight less features) because it just runs in the background and updates my phone without thinking about it.
    12-01-2010 10:54 AM
  16. Vudumedic's Avatar
    D Inc, and Windows XP. It took a reboot of the phone and the double twist desktop but then no problems with it the sync was actually faster than the cable sync and no ten minutes of it syncing and nothing happening. Does any one know why I can only see my SD card and not my phone itself any more though? I have loved the app since I downloaded it when my "other" media player died. The computer version can be a little slow to respond at times but other than that I have loved the whole experience so far.
    12-01-2010 12:09 PM
  17. kjay2559's Avatar
    sync no problem with MT3G, worked right away but no update on the desk top though
    12-01-2010 06:06 PM
  18. nc_carol's Avatar
    I got nuthin (sigh) Day 2: installed, removed and reinstalled the desktop client yesterday. I have no issues with usb (but I can do that with any of the multitude of free programs I already have), but the desktop doesn't recognize my device (HTC EVO). Just sent in the error log to DT. We'll see what they say.
    12-02-2010 10:02 AM
  19. El Poblano's Avatar
    Talk about battery drain! Sure, the sync works fine. I installed DT on my laptop and phone, synced some music to test, and wen about my day. However, by 11am (I had synced at 8 after pulling the phone off the charger) my phone had dropped to 40%. Turns out it continued to run rogue. As soon as I killed it battery drain was back to normal. You have been warned!
    12-02-2010 11:55 AM
  20. TomRubin's Avatar
    I bought it, installed it and no go. My EVO 4G shows up in the new doubleTwist client on my Windows 7 64 PC, but I get a network error every time it try to sync. I checked and multicasting is disabled for my router and I even rebooted my router.

    I sent my error log to doubleTwist. We'll see what they say.
    12-02-2010 03:36 PM
  21. anon(67326)'s Avatar
    Installed/updated last night with zero issues with my EVO & iMac. Only paid $1.99 as I missed the $0.99 special and before they jack the price to $4.99.

    installed on my phone first, then updated the desktop client (mac os x 10.6), entered the passcode and done. sweet!

    no battery drain noticed, nearly instant update to my desktop when i purchased a new song off Amazon. even sync'd my videos (picture syncing isn't available for mac yet but is coming).

    only "issue" is that I still use/like itunes when i'm at my iMac which of course stores all my music in a different location than what doubletwist uses. so when i downloaded the new song i had to manually import it into iTunes...so for now i'm sorta managing two libraries but i'm sure i can figure out a better system.
    12-02-2010 04:15 PM
  22. Dural's Avatar
    iSyncr WiFi Lite has worked flawlessly since I DL'ed it. Best part is that it is free (assuming you own the original iSyncr app which has a nominal fee). Highly recommended.
    12-03-2010 11:29 AM