1. ashakouri1's Avatar
    I am coming off of a Palm Pre, and I was wondering if there was anyway to control the music player or pandora within another application. The Pre let you control the applications, albeit simple controls, on the bottom of the phone within the notification area. You wouldn't have to switch programs, you would just tap the icon on the bottom right and you can select, pause/play, previous track, and next track.

    But on android you have to switch the app and go to music and switch it, then go back to the application you were on.

    And I am not gripping on Android in anyway. The Pre did have an awesome notification system, and Android is way above iOS, just thought it would be a good addition to allow that type of control. Cause it is the thing I miss most about the Pre.
    11-30-2010 10:04 PM
  2. takeshi's Avatar
    Not stock. A 3rd party app may be able to add such functionality. I haven't run across any myself.
    12-01-2010 10:37 AM