1. cpalmer2k's Avatar
    I'm new to Android and after searching the forums haven't found a definite answer to this one... I usually put my phone on Vibrate during the night, but would like to have an App that would still allow the phone to ring if certain important callers call during that time. Is there an App that has this feature currently?

    I've seen this on Locale, which does it based on geographic location, but I was hoping for something smaller.
    12-24-2009 07:06 PM
  2. UncleMike's Avatar
    Locale can also do this based on the caller. Setup a condition for "Contact" and you can pick one or more contacts. When one of those contacts calls, the condition is triggered.

    If you manually change to vibrate, you may find that after the call Locale will revert to the settings as determined by other situations you have defined in Locale, rather than what you had manually changed them to prior to the call.

    You will also have to make sure that the situation listed in Locale appears in the right order to allow the new situation to override the others when it occurs.
    12-26-2009 05:34 PM