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    hi gang. i'm a new android developer, and this is my first android app. i've been doing web development for 14 years, and this is my second mobile phone app (first was for windows smartphone 5.0).

    the idea is that i wanted a quick way to view and open my browser bookmarks. usually, one has to open the browser first, possibly wait for it to reload whatever page was last viewed, open the bookmarks view, and find your bookmark in an unsorted list.

    my solution is a lightweight app that simply displays your browser bookmarks, allows you to sort them in various ways, lets you search by name, provides the ability to edit and delete them, and gives you the option to choose which browser to open them with. you can quickly open any bookmark with two finger presses. one to launch the app, and one to open the bookmark. it's nothing fancy, but it does save a little time.

    the app shows your system bookmarks, so you are looking at and managing the same bookmark database that the default browser uses. any changes made in either this app or the browser, will be reflected in the other.

    for a little icing on the cake, you can choose a background image for your bookmarks list. i like to use my home screen wallpaper from launcher pro.

    tips: long press on a bookmark for options. you can switch between tabs by swiping left or right. you may notice that it's not instant. if anyone has any tips on how to speed it up, i'd love to hear them. i'm using android's built-in gesture recognition. if you have a physical keyboard, just begin typing to filter by name. otherwise, select Find from the menu to open the soft keyboard.

    if any designers want to come up with some nice icons for the tabs at the top, i'd welcome the help.

    if anyone can help to translate the app into other languages, please contact me.

    if you find a bug, or the app crashes, please post a detailed description of what happened. reports like "it crashed" or "this sucks" don't help me. please try to reproduce the problem, and post the steps required to do so. also please state what device you're using, and what version of android you're running.

    the app requires android 1.6 or above.

    this app is licensed under this creative commons license: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported


    1.0 release version. no code changes. now on Android Market!
    0.9.3 - fixed force close on eclair (2.1). added move to sd ability for froyo.
    0.9.2 - added tips dialog. license change. gingerbread compatibility. app renamed to Bookmarks Light.
    0.9.1 - added "about" dialog, and changed names of tabs
    12-03-2010 01:23 PM
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    new version uploaded
    12-06-2010 10:30 PM