1. Aljarrah's Avatar

    I have a Samsung galaxy grand prime phone with Kitkat 4.4.4 installed but with no notification LED

    I have enabled daydream feature and have installed Lucid daydream and enabled it which starts to work when my phone is charged , there is a feature in Lucid to keep it running even after the charger is unplugged.It provides a clock with notifications of missed calls , emails , etc but it only starts to work after the phone is plugged into the charger

    Is there a way to get always on-screen notifications while the mobile is on sleep mode , this is useful when the phone is on silent mode ... I know this will affect the battery

    12-18-2014 07:30 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry if I'm off base, but try DynamicNotifications.
    12-18-2014 09:08 PM

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