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    Is anyone else getting unreliable notifications from Hangouts? I currently have a N5 running 5.0.1. This trouble started a few days ago, which was a few weeks after my upgrade to 5.0, but before my upgrade to 5.0.1.

    Someone will send me a message in Hangouts, but I won't get the notification. I'd say I only get the notification 10% of the time. When I open the Hangouts app, the message is there, in bold, showing it has been unread. The phone is on and connected to wifi or data when the message comes in.

    I have Hangouts on my desktop as well, and it does not have this problem. I get the message notification instantly. I wondered if the desktop app was causing problems with my phone notifications, but the 10% of the time when I do get the phone notifications, the Hangouts app also gets the notification.
    12-18-2014 09:41 AM
  2. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    Yep that is why last week I went back to chomp sms. I don't like hangouts at all. I get the I sent you a message calls all the time and there they are w otb no notifications in the drop down.

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    12-20-2014 05:24 AM

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