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    QCodes - application for costructing and sending USSD requests for your carrier.
    Must have!

    Description: Many mobile carriers allow to control their services via USSD codes, starting from simple balance checking (for example *100#) and to sending requests "call me" to your friends (like *222*<phone number>#), or making calls cheaper. Users have to remember such difficult codes to use them. It is not easy.
    QCodes contains predefined ussd codes for different mobile carriers, from nice interface you can construct complicated ussd requests inserting to them phone numbers from your contact list. And this app is absolutely free.

    Many mobile carriers are already supported - here is the repository.

    If you do not see here your carrier post USSD codes here with descriptions and I will create request set for your carrier.

    Appbrain link.

    Homepage: http://qcodes.mobiwolf.com/
    12-07-2010 05:53 AM

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