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    I just updated to Business Calendar Pro 2. I had never used the tasks feature in BC1, but took a look after updating. It might new to BC2. I'm looking for something like Floating Events in the old PalmOS calendar app. If you don't know, a Floating Event is like a regular event, but with a check box. When the alarm goes off, you can snooze or stop like a regular alarm. If you do not check the check box (done), at midnight the event gets moved to the next day at the same time and the alarm is reset. Tasks in BC are almost the same. From what I can tell, if a task is not marked done by the due date/time, it gets moved to the next day as an all-day event. It shows up marked as Overdue, but it no longer has an alarm since there is no time set. Does anyone know if there is a way to preserve the alarm time when it is advanced to the next day? Also, if I try to create a task without setting a time, it just vanishes when I save it. Do Tasks HAVE to have a time?

    I'm sure all this could be answered in a User's Manual, I can't find one anywhere. Is there one? I'm sure I will have more questions and I'd rather look up the answers, than ask here or elsewhere. Thanks so much!
    12-26-2014 07:01 PM

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