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    I couldn't figure out if I should post this in Favorites or here. Favorites seem to be nothing but polls. I'm looking more for a specific type of app.

    I would really love to find an app that has the following features:
    1. ID weeds
    2. Plan gardening space
    3. Tracking work done and what needs to be done.
    4. Allow notes for each plant.
    5. Tracking plant growth and makes a graph.
    6. Watering/fertilizing scheduler.
    7. Pest ID
    8. Info based on zone.
    * Not required but nice to have: Photo logging.

    Is there such a thing out there? I really hate Google Play's search function. Lately, Google hasn't spent as much time focusing on its search. I think they have overwhelmed themselves with product sales and have lost their original vision. Anyway, there appears to be no way to search for specific features.

    I can find an app that does one or two of my requirements, but not one that does them all. I'd be willing to pay a small fee for an app that does it all, but I can't seem to find one. Surely they are out there!

    I did find a list at Gardenista which unfortunately has only iPhone apps. Searching for those at Google Play renders nothing.

    Any ideas out there?
    01-02-2015 04:01 PM

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