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    I just got my first Android phone (LG G3 S D722) and coming from a (heavily modded) Nokia N8, I only missed two things. First off, LG's music player EQ is crap and I hate the purple. Luckily PowerAmp sorted that problem out.

    What I'm really looking for is a no-frills app to show data from the GPS, all on one screen, without ads and senseless sharing options and crap. I want:
    * Current and average speed in km/h
    * Odometer
    * Altitude
    * Coordinates
    * Compass
    * Travelling duration
    * Possibly accuracy for coordinates and altitude

    That's about it. Does anyone know of an app that can do this without frills? Or will it be hard to write it myself?

    Looking forward to answers.
    01-12-2015 03:34 AM

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