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    Lahore is a city of Living Hearts and one of famous city of Pakistan. You need a guider If you want to visit Lahore city, visit markets for shopping, capture historical places, shopping, hoteling, check cash and balance, get information from Islamic centers and much more related to Lahore. Now its easy to find your exact location according to your demand.

    “Locally Lahore” app provides you all kind of places, markets, organizations, food places and events with exact location through Google Map. In simple words app solve these two things about Lahore What is? & Where is? You can view and attend all kind of events through this app like New Year parties, movies details according to cinemas, exhibitions, offers, seminars, sports events, Musical concerts, festivals, educational events, traveling events, charity shows and everything with complete details. You can attend any event on your choice and mood based. You can find out you required location according to following categories:

    Historical Places
    Amusement Parks
    Islamic Centers
    Gas Stations & Automotives
    Banks & Financial Institutions
    Metro & Bus Stations
    Hotels & Accommodations
    Health & Medical Care
    Academics & Educational Institutions
    Cultural Centers
    What’s Happening (Lahore Events)

    This app is available for Android devices and you can explore Lahore city through your own device.


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    01-13-2015 11:31 PM
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    Thanks for the link!
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