1. daeson's Avatar
    Question, What do you find to be (in your personal opinion) the essential apps and games for a new android user (This is my second day with my HTC INC)

    I absoloutly love games,mostly rpgs,strats and angry birds is sweet but frustrating lol

    ,i'm not a tweeter or facebooker lol

    Can anyone suggest some apps/games?

    theese are the games i currently have

    2 player reactor (For me and my son)
    andors trail
    angry birds
    doom (doesnt work meh)
    Fruit Ninja
    Paper Toss
    Raging thunder 1 and 2
    robo defense

    As for apps,all stock except ATK and stock keyboard
    12-13-2010 04:00 AM
  2. Smitty_82's Avatar
    This would be a great place to start. There are multiple threads that will point you in the right direction. Congrats on your new DInc!
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    12-13-2010 04:08 AM
  3. daeson's Avatar
    thanks haha sorry didnt have time to search if theres a similar thread,i browse this at work,im checking customers in and out at my motel haha
    12-13-2010 04:22 AM
  4. SaltheTech's Avatar
    I can't seem to live without mini squadron, air traffic controller is a good one too. Hungry shark and bistro cooks also key. Enjoy
    12-13-2010 04:59 AM
  5. takeshi's Avatar
    It's a highly subjective matter. Every Android forum site has plenty of existing app recommendation threads if you really want such a thing. Keeping up with the apps forums is IMO the best way to run across new apps.
    12-13-2010 12:29 PM
  6. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    Yep, Smitty nailed it on the head. Members' Favorites is where this is all at.
    12-13-2010 01:01 PM