1. ryanp098's Avatar
    Just downloaded the ADW Launcher. Any opinions on the best theme?

    12-14-2010 08:11 PM
  2. MowDownJoe's Avatar
    ADW.Elegant, easily. Helps that it's a free icon pack. Also looks damn spiffy. (Warning: Having both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons installed with this theme will instill confusion, as the icons for both will be replaced with the same icon.)
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    12-14-2010 08:48 PM
  3. hockeydave55's Avatar
    I am using fluxed. I will try more but this one is nice.
    12-15-2010 12:58 PM
  4. Kimo91's Avatar
    i like the iron man one myself and has been running it for about 2 weeks now.
    12-15-2010 01:40 PM
  5. Shay D. Life's Avatar
    I didn't start using it heavily until today's release of ADWex, I'm switching between all three of the above themes.
    12-24-2010 10:26 PM
  6. sukjeffrey's Avatar
    The best ones in my opinion are the ones that are simple and minimalistic!
    12-25-2010 04:06 AM
  7. vladnosferatu's Avatar
    04-26-2011 12:58 PM
  8. Jaskil1975#IM's Avatar

    Adw dark edge pink icon pack. Droid life wallpaper pack
    06-29-2011 02:51 PM
  9. Dark Wizard Matoya's Avatar
    I like to keep things simple, so I use a theme that makes ADW look like the stock Gingerbread launcher.

    06-29-2011 03:58 PM