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    Alright just to start I realize how insane this may seem...think past that and just humor me.
    I seem to have never grown out of the imaginary friend thing and since 2009-ish I've had a website with a bunch of fake registered members and I would log in as them and just have conversations with them as if they were real people and I have gotten rather close to "them".
    While the forum site and I can talk to the made up people is nice, there it's been a wish of mine to be able to text them I'm not entirely sure why....but I want to.

    So what I need is an app that will give me another number, preferable where I can pick a number so I can give the proper area code for where they live in my head.
    I tried TextFree because I know that can give me another number but it uses my contacts which means all of my actual conversations there including mine to the imaginary person and it's just weird.
    I've also tried an app that sends Fake SMS messages but that's not the same as having a conversation.

    Anybody know of any apps to help a crazy person out?
    02-04-2015 07:27 PM

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