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    Well they're clamping down on third party apps, I've received two warnings (3rd = locked and I will only get 1 chance to unlock). I was wondering if anyone knows any third party apps that aren't detectable? I have the native app, but 90% of the time it doesn't let me send a snap and just says "failed", hence why I use a third party. Any apps that won't get me locked? The one app I was using is no longer in the play store.
    02-11-2015 04:28 PM
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    I don't think any third party apps can be completely safe as far as getting you warnings. Even if they're OK at first, when Snapchat eventually gets wise to them then people will start to get warnings. Having said that, try using "Casper" . Its made by the same guy who did the "savemysnaps" app. Which is probably the one you were using before. Casper is not available on the app store, Google has cracked down on the third party apps at Snapchat's request. You will have to download the apk from somewhere. Works for me and I've not had any warnings so far.

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    05-03-2015 11:19 AM

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