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    Before this was out, I was using Google Reader to get my Android news fix. It wasn't the best way, I couldn't comment and I couldn't really access the forums, but I thought, I could use Tapatalk and Androidcentral mobile to comment, no biggy... When this came out, I thought all my problems had been answered, however, it wasn't.

    I started the app and tapped on an article, my first impressions were not good, the app took a while to actually allow me to browse the article, I saw the page, but it was loading, it took a good 5 seconds or so, over wi-fi. I then started to look for a way to comment, none to be found. I looked for a way to access the forums, like the Phandroid app, an embed sort of Tapatalk application. Nothing. The only thing I thought was useful was the ability to take a picture and add a description on any news that we see. I thought the widget might help, but it is always frozen and never moves to the next article. I think if the Androidcentral app were a little more like the Phandroid app, it would be great. Another thing to complain is that the ads are very sensitive and you always find yourself going to the web browser opening an ad you did not intend to tap on.

    Recommendations: Fix widget, faster loading times, forum support, commenting support, ads moved to a more subtle location, fix he forward and back for quick browsing of articles.

    I would've posted this on the app market, but I believe there is a limit to how many characters you can place on your comment.
    12-18-2010 04:37 PM