1. NEST600's Avatar
    I'm really liking SpiderOak so far. The Android App is just starting but the overall platform works very well for me between my multiple clients mixed environment. And I've setup and used their protected web sharing features too.

    And while I didn't experience faster performance from my phone itself it was much faster for me on my Wintel and Lintel desktops for getting files uploaded to the cloud.

    They've got good documentation and have been highly responsive to questions and feature requests.

    Since I see a lot of people talk about the other two I thought I'd at least through this one out there. Now, in case you decide to look into it and sign-up my referral link is below. But by no means do I need the extra space, I'm already paying for 100GB gladly. I just include the link is case I fill up the first 100GB w/ WikiLeaks. ;-)

    Hope other people find it as stable, full features, and fast as I have. Cheers, -Pk

    12-18-2010 05:23 PM
  2. NEST600's Avatar
    A quick note on setup and the related 'appearance' in the Android app....

    Your version history isn't viewable (as of now) through the Android client. But you can setup share snapshots in time that are. Just a thought for those of those looking to get access to their files like a CMS but without the additional app. -Pk
    12-19-2010 10:00 PM
  3. sanibel's Avatar
    I was looking at pricing (winner in bold; service quality is a matter of opinion, however):

    The free version:
    SugarSync: 5GB free
    SpiderOak: 2GB free
    DropBox: 2GB free

    100 GB:
    SpiderOak: $100.00 / Year
    SugarSync: $149.99 / Year
    DropBox: Very expensive...something in the range of $200.00+ / Year

    SugarSync and DropBox have other pricing, however. So if you don't need 100GB, or the free versions are two small, then you are better off with those two...

    30 GB: $4.99 / Month; $49.99 / Year
    60 GB: $9.99 / Month; $99.99 / Year

    50GB: $9.99/month

    Just sayin'
    12-19-2010 11:20 PM
  4. SpiderOak's Avatar
    Daniel @ SpiderOak Inc here.

    I just wanted to say Hello and also inform you that for a limited time discount code 'mozy' gives you 20% off our paid plans.

    Also, don't miss that if you are a student with a valid .edu address (use it when registering) get an automatic 50% discount on ALL our yearly plans!
    02-02-2011 04:54 PM
  5. mr.seth.price's Avatar
    I have tried all...but as I sent out a bunch of invites with dropbox...which so many people have accepted I now have 10gb for free...way more than i need.
    02-02-2011 05:40 PM
  6. bjordan's Avatar
    I've researched a lot of backup/syncing solutions and think I'm going to try out SpiderOak. Does anyone have a current, non maxed out, referral code?

    I figured if I'm going to try it out I might as well start out with an extra GB. Although I'll probably upgrade to 100GB so I can backup all my photos.

    Edit: Never mind I have an account now
    03-31-2011 04:25 PM