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    I've just published an app to track your data (2G/3G) consumption based on your plan conditions.
    Fill in your reinit. day, your data credit and your overrun cost (if applicable), and use the notification or widget gauge to stick to your plan.

    Exclusive feature for Android 2.2+ devices and HTC 1.5+ devices : Per application 3G and wifi consumption (doesn't work on 2.1 Galaxy S, but fine on 2.2 - might work for other brands with <Android 2.2 but untested).

    Exclude from task killers (this app HAS to run as a background service and it won't kill your battery).

    Some screenshots :

    You can sort applications on the necessary criterias, and even exclude some of them from the global 3G counter if needed.

    The app is available as of today on the Android Market for 0.79 (about 1$).

    More information on my website : Alou's Android apps

    I'll be glad to answer any question/request so feel free to get in touch : aloudroid@gmail.com
    12-20-2010 04:48 AM