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    Although a calculator can solve arithmetic problems, mental calculation sometimes can be faster than using a calculator. Practicing mental calculation can also train your brain,

    MathsQuiz Calculator is an Android Apps that can acts as a calculator, and also can gives random arithmetic question to train your brain.

    The feature of the apps is that it looks a calculator, so you can train your mental calculation as if you can using a calculator for work or for doing homework.

    You can set the levels that suits your ability of mental calculation. You can set the no, of question, time limit of each question, type of question and the difficulty of each question.

    MathsQuiz Calculator can be downloaded in the following link:



    [Free][Aops][No Advertisment] Train your mental calculation by a calculator-screenshot_2014-12-09-22-53-23.png

    [Free][Aops][No Advertisment] Train your mental calculation by a calculator-screenshot_2014-12-09-22-53-45.png

    [Free][Aops][No Advertisment] Train your mental calculation by a calculator-screenshot_2014-12-09-22-54-06.png

    [Free][Aops][No Advertisment] Train your mental calculation by a calculator-screenshot_2014-12-09-22-54-25.png

    [Free][Aops][No Advertisment] Train your mental calculation by a calculator-screenshot_2014-12-09-23-00-43.png
    03-11-2015 10:39 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the link, but where's the screenshot?
    03-11-2015 10:53 AM
  3. plasticman99's Avatar
    I can see the screenshot from other computers. I have use "Insert Image" and upload from my computer. Can anyone see the screenshot?

    For anyone who cannot see the screenshots, the screenshots are as follow:





    03-12-2015 10:11 AM
  4. AppRising Software's Avatar
    Train mode is very simple and perfect idea! I never thought that arithmetic could be so exciting! Thanks!
    04-26-2015 12:59 PM

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