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    In the holy Book Quran e Kareem, there are a total of 114 chapters or Surahs. Surah Rahman is an important Surah of the holy Quran. In this Surah, blessings of Allah on the mankind are told because most of the time we are unaware or forget the blessings of Allah on us. According to the nature of human beings, we are always in the habit of forgetting the blessings. We do not remember them. This is the Surah which is very important Surahs of the holy Quran as it helps us remember the blessings. Because of the advancement of technology, we may be able to download it into our mobile phones;

    Surah Ar Rehman Tilawat App (Android and iOS)-surah-rahman.2.jpg

    There are following links which are given below;
    PlayStore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ng.SurahRehman
    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/sura...cUvbUpU4320818

    The benefits of the Surahs are given below;
    - It’s Completely FREE to USE – Anyone can download or use this app 100% FREE from anywhere. The use of this app is completely FREE for everyone from everywhere, no matter wherever he or she lives.

    - You may Customize it – There are different options available in this application that will help you change the look of the application. It means that you can modify the app according to your wishes.

    - Sharing with Others – This is the application that may be shared with anyone including your relatives, family members and your friends. Doing so will bring more rewards for you as others will also get the blessings and benefits of this Surah.

    - Help may be Obtained on the Use – If you want to read about benefit and blessings of this Surah, then go to a special section named as “Benefits and Blessings”.
    04-01-2015 04:07 AM
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    Thanks for the link, and moved this to the Apps forum.
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