1. CynicalLoner's Avatar
    Ever since I've updated G+ recently I haven't been able to make posts (only lets me comment on others) on G+ or vote on polls using my phone or my tablet(both samsung running on 4.4.2 if that helps any). Does anyone else have this problem? I'm assuming it's app related since that's 2 devices that it's not working with, yet it still works just fine from my pc. The error message I get is Can't create this post. Try again later. If anyone had this problem and found a solution for it I'd love to know it.
    04-02-2015 02:48 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Have you already tried going to the App Manager, selecting Google+, and Clearing Cache/Clearing Data, then Force Stopping?
    04-02-2015 03:43 PM
  3. CynicalLoner's Avatar
    No I hadn't tried that, but I have tried it now on my phone and the app is working correctly again now. I forgot that clearing the cache and data can help sometimes with these apps.
    Thank you
    B. Diddy likes this.
    04-02-2015 09:26 PM

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